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The Universe Can Hear You – Avoid These Words!

We all know that we can use words to hurt people. Most often, it is a deliberate act to inflict mental pain. We are aware that words are a powerful tool against other people, but we never stop to consider that we might be using our words to our detriment as well. The difference is that when we use words to hurt ourselves, we don’t even realize that we’re doing it. How is this possible, you may ask?

First, you need to realize that our use of language has become so automatic and routinal that, for the most part, we don’t put much thought into what we are actually saying. We are speaking on such an autopilot that it has essentially become an unconscious act. We do not filter the words and expressions we use – we recycle them. We use the same structures over and over again, picking the ones that match the circumstances.

Second, what do you call words that you repeat over and over again? That’s right, AFFIRMATIONS! Law of attraction enthusiasts are well aware that what we think we attract. They realize that repeating statements or chanting certain words helps with the manifesting process. Yet, most of us don’t really see that the words we unconsciously use 30 times a day have the same power as affirmations!

Third, The Universe hears everything you say and it doesn’t recognize jokes. It doesn’t distinguish between what you want or do not want either. It takes everything you say literally. Think of speaking as giving commands. Each time you finish a sentence, the Universe says “your wish is my command”. And so, if you say “this job is killing me,” the Universe goes “your wish is my command”.

Which words should you consider removing from your vocabulary, pretty much, forever? Anything that has anything to do with dying. And I’m not referring to when you talk about dying your hair, obviously. Target the commonly used expressions, such as: “dying from laughter”, “dying to see that movie”, “dying to date her”, or “I’m dead serious”, “over my dead body”, and so on. How many times have you used these in your life? Or to ask you more specifically: how many times have you expressly “wished” for it to happen? Of course, all of the things were said as a joke or something you didn’t mean. But once again, the Universe does not understand jokes, what it hears is a command.

Remember that you speak your reality into existence!

Everything you say matters. And I mean every. little. thing. And the most overlooked phrases might become the most powerful ones because we don’t offer any resistance to things that are said unconsciously. Your mouth is either a powerful magic wand or a dangerous weapon. It’s your choice. You can determine your destination by the very words you speak. I believe that people are getting sick not only from the food they eat, genetics, environment, pollution, but also (or predominantly) because they use the wrong words, on repeat, for years and years.

You have nothing to worry about if you are using mainly positive statements. However, if you take a closer look at the way you speak and you come to the conclusion that, if taken literally, you wouldn’t be happy with the outcome – you have some cleaning up to do!

It might be hard to stop right away because we are accustomed to speaking without giving it a real thought. You will slip many times, but if you make it a point to stop, you will use the negative structures less and less. One day, you will find yourself totally repulsed by such expressions. They will taste bad. You will not want to use them and you will cringe when you hear other people who do.

Correct your loved ones when you hear them unconsciously manifesting. My boyfriend used these type of expressions a lot when we first met. He used them jokingly or just as things you say to describe everyday situations. I asked him very early on to eliminate these phrases from his vocabulary. Even if he thought this was totally nonsensical of me to ask, he stopped. He did this for me, and I feel better knowing that he is this much safer now.

Your words matter not only when they are spoken to other people. Your words matter every single time. Be mindful of the words you use daily. Monitor how you speak and eliminate any bad habits you may have. The simplest thing you can do to prevent unwanted things form happening to you, is simply: not inviting them in.


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