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So, what is the Vortex again?

Do you ever listen to Abraham Hicks? If so, you’re hearing this term a lot. And I mean A LOT! I’ve been following everything law of attraction related for quite some time now, but sometimes, I too, find myself wondering: “what is the vortex exactly?

I learned that it is the place that holds everything we have ever wished for. Our every desire is stored there waiting for the opportunity to get out and slide into our lives. However, in order to let them come to us, we need to get rid of the resistance. Think of the resistance as of a goalkeeper that is blocking you from entering the Vortex and intercepting anything that tries to leave and flow your way. If we want our desires to manifest, we absolutely need to get rid of the goalkeeper.

All of this seems relatively simple, doesn’t it? It is in theory, but the problems start if we’re not clear on the basics:

  1. How to get in the Vortex
  2. How to stay there, and
  3. How to actually get rid of/lower the resistance

Those of you who don’t know Abraham might be completely lost by now. Let’s start from the beginning:

So, what is the Vortex? Vortex is a term used by Abraham to describe the place which all of your dreams call home. Each one of your wishes is granted the minute you ask for it. Isn’t this amazing? Yet, you don’t believe it is already yours because you can’t instantly see it in your reality. When you desire something you’re essentially making an order. You’re ordering it from the Universe. Universe instantly delivers by placing it in your Vortex (which can be compared to a waiting room). Everything in the waiting room is awaiting favourable conditions to enter your life. Even while in the waiting room, the wish is as real as anything that surrounds you in life right now. The only exception is that you can’t touch it yet. Everything that forms a part of your life now, every person, each object, each experience, came from nowhere else but the Vortex.

What are the favourable conditions you may ask? First, you have to be open and receptive. Second, there can’t be any obstacles. You become receptive when you wholeheartedly believe that it is already yours and that you deserve it (we tend to sabotage the outcome if don’t believe we are worthy – this is why self-love is so important). You form obstacles to receiving what is rightfully yours by causing resistance. Resistance can be caused by wanting it TOO much. Placing too much significance on the outcome. Being impatient. Feeling desperate.

You have to relax, maybe start with something that is less important to you and build your confidence fist as resistance in any form will always prevent you from cashing from your Vortex. If you learn how to stop triggering resistance you will have access to manifesting everything you ever dreamt of.

Now we know what the Vortex is and what it has to offer. How do we know if we are in it? You won’t miss it. Being in alignment with source energy makes you feel eager, satisfied, alive, inspired, grateful, optimistic, appreciative, excited and all kinds of feelings that could be labelled as “good”. You feel clear minded, your heart is singing, you feel more sure about everything, you trust that things will go well and good things will happen to you. When you’re in the Vortex, you are connected with who you really are. You are one with your inner being. And when your hooked up with your inner self, nothing seems impossible, you can move mountains!

Let’s assume you did excellent work and you managed to get yourself IN. How do you make sure you stay there? First of all, you have to know that it is impossible to stay there all the time. You will always go in and out. Our goal is to simply spend more time in than out, and to always, ALWAYS, work on improving our life from INSIDE the Vortex.

It is totally an utterly impractical to try to work on ANYTHING while you are not hooked up with the source. It will take you so much more time, so much more effort, and the outcome will not be half as great. Ready for good news? You are hooked up to the source daily. You’ve been there today, I can bet you. You’re getting in alignment whenever you notice or do something that makes you feel good, even if for a brief moment. When you eat something delicious and enjoy it, when you laugh at that joke, when you remember a great memory, when you think of your loved one, when you show love and appreciation to someone. There are millions of instances every day that bring you closer to the source. Find a moment like this and try to maintain this frequency. If you get thrown out by thinking another thought, remember it and avoid thinking it next time. Better yet, work on ceasing thought about the unwanted things altogether.

You will know when you’re aligned. Your hopes and dreams will sound exciting to you, you will get eager to act. If you think about your dreams outside of the Vortex, you feel hopeless, sad or disappointed. Remember that being vibrationally out of sync will never bring you closer to achieving your dreams. You need to tune yourself to the higher frequency. You can’t be sitting down there at Floor 2 vibrating lack and hoping that the amazing dream few stories above you will fall in your lap. You have to get up, get some work done on yourself and climb those stairs. You have to raise your vibration and match it with your desire. It will never start vibrating lower to match you.

I would like to highlight is once again as it is imperative to making you succeed. Now that you’re all eager to raise your vibration (hopefully), don’t try doing it while you are out of the Vortex (while you feel bad about yourself or you life). It will not help you. It will be a wasted effort.

Instead, quiet your mind, meditate. You can do this no matter how low you feel right now. Meditation stops the momentum (and so does sleep! – every morning is a fresh start, you only jump into your old vibration once you remember all the reason why you should feel this way – majority of us picks up where they left of the night before, but you don’t have to – it’s a new day, you can choose completely new thoughts. It is your choice).

While meditating your vibration will raise instantly. The resistance will lower. This is when you can start working on your goals.

And don’t worry about doing things wrong before, don’t worry about not being a match before, don’t worry about lost opportunities. There is no such thing. Your Vortex is filled with new opportunities daily. The Vortex is limitless. It keeps on expanding with each one of your desires. In fact, messing up helps you become clear on what it is you really want. It makes your desire stringer, more polished. If you kept failing at something, I am sure you now know very well how it should go. This is great news! Just imagine all the strong, polished, beautiful dreams things waiting for you in the Vortex.

Lastly, don’t use anyone or anything as your excuse to be outside the Vortex. You wish for something that’s at one end of the spectrum, but you keep on looking at what is at the other end, you will never feel satisfied. Looking at what is (if it is not what you want) will not make you feel eager and hopeful. Do not react to what IS. Do not get discouraged. It is coming to you. The longer you maintain the feeling of appreciation for having it, the faster it will reach you (and no, appreciating something you don’t currently have does not make you insane!)

Come on, give it a try,


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