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If You Stop the Resistance, the Manifestation Will Come

Those of us who believe in the law of attraction might be thinking that we just need to want something badly enough to receive it. Logic tells us that the more you want something, the stronger your point of attraction gets and, therefore, you will receive it faster. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

The fact is that, in most cases, the resistance grows as rapidly as your desire. You want it so much that, paradoxically, you are not allowing it to come to you. Remember this: when you desperately want something, you are operating from the lack – hence you will only receive more lack (!) (as you know, the hard rule is that like attracts like!!)

The solution here is not to stop wanting it. We cannot fool ourselves into believing that we don’t want it “that” much (when we clearly do). We only need to learn how to lower the resistance. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t want something as much, it always comes easily to you? Try to retrace your steps to see how you manifested it. What did you do? Most likely, the answer is that you wished for it at some point or another, but you didn’t really care if you receive it (you might have even forgotten all about it), you might have gotten distracted by equally alluring other option and, boom! one day you wake up and it’s right there! What were the steps again?

  1. Asking for it
  2. Letting go (aka removing resistance)

The lesson is simple: once you lower the resistance, the manifestation flows effortlessly.

Now, how do you get rid of the resistance if it keeps bouncing back at you? Up until recently, I tried going about it the wrong way. I thought that the key was distracting yourself from what you want by thinking about other things or giving yourself more options. This could work for some people, but it didn’t really work for me. I couldn’t distract myself for long enough periods of time, and I would feel discouraged when I didn’t see any progress. The longer I waited for the manifestation, the more impatient I would get and I would start feeling desperate for the results. I would obsess over the fact that I want something that currently is not even in my reach. I knew I was causing resistance and that frustrated me even more.

The most popular advice in the self-help world is to “act as if” – meaning, act as if it was already yours. That’s a great advice. I love it, but I find it does not work if the gap between your current reality and your dream life is too large. If you have to take a leap from feeling poorly about your life to feeling appreciative and excited in a span of minutes, it won’t really happen. The gap has to be much smaller or you have to be consistently working on upping your vibration one notch at a time over a longer period of time. If the gap is too large, it won’t seem probable to you and maintaining this frequency will just not be sustainable.

If you would like to start attracting better things regardless of your current state, here’s a trick that will get you there faster: focus on the good things that you already have. And please don’t lie to yourself that there is nothing in your life that you could feel grateful for. I bet you that if you really think hard about it, you will come up with a few things that you COULD feel grateful for if you really wanted to (another trick: similarly to what I just said, don’t ask yourself “what am I grateful for”, ask yourself “what could I be grateful for if I wanted to be?” You will be surprised how simply changing your question makes all the difference (things you normally take for granted will become more visible to you).

Why feeling grateful helps with manifestation?

  • appreciating things you already have will instantly rise your vibration
  • it’s easy to feel good about things that are actually already yours – no faking required!
  • your vibration and the vibration of your desire will come closer together
  • whatever you focus on multiplies – it will bring you so many more things to feel grateful for!
  • it will distract you from anything that is still missing and will help you manifest it faster

That’s not everything. There’s a BONUS! Expressing gratitude for the things that you have or things that are going well for you, has the power to deactivate bad vibrations accumulated in your aura. A simple act of gratitude can essentially remove unwanted things from your life!

Want to try this out? Do you have a problem that you would like resolved? Find 10 good things about this situation/person/thing. Even the worst thing has some good aspects, you just have to dig deep enough. And don’t worry, being appreciative of it WILL NOT make it stay in your life. Since you are only grateful for its GOOD side, only those parts will stay or transform into something even better.

Remember that we invite things into our lives through our attention to them. If we are focusing on the good, more good will come to us – even if it has to rise from the ashes of a seemingly disastrous situation. The Universe does not know the word hopeless or impossible – there is a perfect solution to ever problem, the only thing you have to do is to allow it in.


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