Law of Attraction

How to Take Control of Your Life

Do you feel as if you had little to no control over what is happening to you in life? Does it make you feel anxious, discouraged or straight-up hopeless? There is a way out of this and it is, in fact, very simple: you have to change your everyday thoughts.

Start by establishing what type of thoughts are running through your head the most. Are you mostly thinking positive or not so much? Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering? Do they make you feel like jumping into action or are you getting even more discouraged? Whatever the answer is, don’t worry. It does not matter how bad your thinking patterns are at the moment. You can change everything around, but it is helpful to realize where you are standing before you start making changes.

Once you establish what your patterns are, become serious about which thoughts you allow yourself to think and which thoughts you reject as useless. At the beginning aim only to “tip the scale” – meaning, aim to think slightly more positive thoughts than negative. At the end of each day your balance should be positive. You can gradually aim higher and higher, but even getting to 51% positive is a tremendous accomplishment! You won’t believe what miracles will start happening in your life if you only tip that scale.

You should be relieved knowing that “you can’t be satisfied and worried at the same time” (A. Hicks). This, to me, is an invaluable eye opener. It makes tipping the scale SO much easier. Just think about it for a moment, you can’t be ANY of the opposites at the same time. You can’t be happy about your relationship and AT THE SAME TIME feel anxious about it. You may be switching very rapidly between these two, but at no point are you feeling both of these feelings simultaneously. And this is PERFECT. It gives you the right to choose. This is how you can take control of your life.

You just have to choose ONE feeling on the opposing scale and stick to it no matter what. I know it is hard. I know that the competing feeling will be fighting for your attention, but remember your goal. You only need to make it to 51%. Now, it’s a good time to debunk some myths: worrying does not prevent things from going wrong, worrying does not make you better prepared for getting hurt, and it does not make it sting less if you lose it. In fact, if you end up loosing it, it is precisely because you let yourself worry about it MORE than you were grateful for having it. You tipped the scale… the wrong way.

You are always attracting, the law doesn’t care if you want that thing to happen or not. It does not distinguish between something that is good for you and something that is not. If you think MORE about what you want, this is what you are going to get. Dive in that feeling of having it and it will be yours. Focus on what you want to accomplish, on how it will make you feel, visualize the perfect outcome, talk about wonderful things even if everything is going against you, even if your current reality is worlds apart from your dream life. Stop thinking about the lack, stop thinking about how things may go wrong, how you may get hurt – rejects those thoughts as useless. Because, in reality, how are they serving you anyway? They are not protecting you from getting hurt, they are fooling you into non-action. They are robbing you of your power.

You can only think one thought at a time, it can be either one that fuels you or one that drains you – the decision is yours, but you can be sure that each one counts. Your life will become the reflection of your daily choices.


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