Law of Attraction,  Vortex

Align Yourself and Things Will Start Falling Into Place

The way you feel is your responsibility. Do not blame anyone for making you sad or upset. No one has the power to make you feel anything. You can GIVE them the power to control your emotions, or you can keep it for yourself. Which one will it be?

How do you know if you are giving your power away? Simple. Just think back to a time you went on a great date. Remember how amazing you felt, how everything was suddenly better now that they showed up? Nothing could stop the positive energy bursting out of you. Sounds familiar? What would happen to your newfound positive attitude if they would decide to disappear as quickly as they showed up? Would everything shift and leave you feeling miserable, disappointed and sad? If the answer is “yes”, you are depending on other people for your feelings. We have to change this. You will never be happy if your self-worth and happiness are conditional upon other people’s behaviour. This is actually good news! Listen, you can’t control other people, but you can control your own thoughts. People will never be just the way you want them to be, and the more you are trying to force a certain behaviour out of them, the more resistant they will become to it. In other words, please stop trying so hard to change other people and start working on changing yourself.

DO NOT TIE YOUR EMOTIONS TO AN OUTCOME!! Learn how to be happy when the things you want are NOT there yet and all you want will come chasing you.

You don’t believe me? Have you ever wondered why when you’re in love and things go well, EVERYTHING ELSE in your life is suddenly going well, too? Things start falling into place, new opportunities are showing up, great things are happening one after another.

Now, why is that? The answer is very simple. When you’re very happy about any part of your life, you’re automatically getting in sync with the Universe (you’re getting yourself into the so called “vortex”). You are lowering the resistance and everything that was waiting to be released from the vortex into your life now has the chance to do so! If you stay aligned, all those beautiful things will come your way.

Amazing, right? Most definitely! There is a caveat though… if that one part of life that was making you so happy comes crashing down AND you let this bring you down, you are essentially removing yourself from the vortex. Read: you’re separating yourself from all the goodies that were in store for you! It is difficult to keep your vibration going when something does not go your way. In a moment like this, just remind yourself that reacting to what is happening will only create MORE of it. Stay the course even when things are taking a bad turn and you will come out successful. I won’t lie, it IS tough. But I am convinced that we are doing ourselves a HUGE favour when we go against our instincts and we keep on dreaming about the outcome we want regardless of what is going on around us.

So please, when things go south, stop wondering “why” it is happening to you. Don’t dwell on it, just look the other way. Look where you want your life to go (not where it is going at the moment).

The truth is that it does not matter why this particular thing did not work out, why this guy was not a match. Keep looking at where you want your life to go. When you are in sync with the Universe, with who you are and what you want, another equally amazing thing or person will be drawn to you. If you are continually in the state of feeling good, it is my promise to you, that the things you attract from that space, will be the greatest match to the essence of you.

In short, you have to be happy right now – you CANNOT get to what you want from a place of dissatisfaction. Reject the dissatisfaction. See what is coming before you can touch it, before you can taste it. Pretend as if you already had to, visualize, talk yourself into feeling great and IT. WILL. COME.


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