• Relationships

    How to Stop Suffering Immediately

    Do not feel that you have to suffer for an extended period of time after losing something that was of great value to you. We tend to think that the amount of time we spend on grieving says everything about its importance to us. But the time it takes us to move on does not represent how much we cared for what we have lost. We often hear that “time heals everything” and, depending on the circumstances, it will take an X number of months/weeks/days to get over the loss. You may tell yourself that this particular situation is bigger…

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    Energy,  Law of Attraction,  Tips

    What You Focus on Grows

    It is our natural instinct to direct our undivided attention to anything that goes wrong in our lives. It quickly becomes all we can see and the urge to deal with it is off the charts. We love fixing problems!…

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    Law of Attraction,  Resistance,  Vortex

    So, what is the Vortex again?

    Do you ever listen to Abraham Hicks? If so, you’re hearing this term a lot. And I mean A LOT! I’ve been following everything law of attraction related for quite some time now, but sometimes, I too, find myself wondering:…

  • Books

    Why Criticism Doesn’t Work

    I’m in the midst of reading the most groundbreaking book by Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People. I am sure most of you either read this book already or at the very least heard about it. If…

  • Law of Attraction

    How to Take Control of Your Life

    Do you feel as if you had little to no control over what is happening to you in life? Does it make you feel anxious, discouraged or straight-up hopeless? There is a way out of this and it is, in…

  • Law of Attraction,  Tips

    How to Release Your Fears

    This is my magic trick. Every time I desperately need to release some negative blocks, I use this technique. There are only two rules: You CANNOT be easy on yourself when writing things down; You have to write, thinking is…