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Why do you think you're not good enough
Editor's Picks

Do You Think You’re Not Good Enough to Succeed? Stop This Nonsense

Next time you’re about to give up on your dreams, pause for a moment and try to answer one question: why do you think you’re …

Cover Photo Featuring Tanya Salituro, the Founder of CanPrev
Editor's Picks

Overcoming Adversity: Start Seeing Challenges as Your Ticket to Freedom

As much as we don’t want to hear it, there is a meaning to every struggle we go through. Hardships usually seem unfair, but they …

Finding Your Passion is the first step towards transforming your life

Finding Your Passion: This is Your Wake-Up Call to Live with Purpose

Imagine you wake up in the morning and you can hardly wait to get to work. You feel alive, motivated, and inspired. Your life has …

Overcoming Obstacles - Learn more
Editor's Picks

Overcoming Obstacles: The Story of an Exceptional Leader

When life keeps throwing you curveballs, it may feel like it’s trying to make you give up. But that’s not necessarily the goal — remember …

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Kid Carson and Courage
Inspiring Stories

Kid Carson: Choosing Love and Courage Over Fear

Have you ever heard Wayne Dyer’s story about the orange? I feel this simple analogy offers an explanation for why some people act …

How to discover your subconscious programs

Can Music Help You Reprogram Your Mind?

You’ve experienced time travel before. Of that, I’m positive. What do you mean no? Just think of the last time a two-minute song …

Feeling Overwhelmed? Focus Inward Rather than Outward
Thought of the Week

Feeling Overwhelmed? Find Yourself Through Music

When was the last time you listened to music? I mean really listened? Hearing a song somewhere in the background doesn’t count. I’m …

Meaningful Conversations and why we need them more than ever
Thought of the Week

Meaningful Conversations: Why We Need Them More Than Ever

Some people like to talk a lot, while others don’t. I get it. But to those who don’t see much value in being …

The Man with an Unstoppable Mindset
Inspiring Stories

The Man with an Unstoppable Mindset

Do you remember the last time you looked at something and wished it was yours? We’ve all been there. Time stops for a …

Thought of the Week

Having a Sibling Shapes Who You Are

I’ve been thinking about the impact our siblings have on us — shaping our characters and influencing who we grow up to be. …

The power of letting go

The Power of Letting Go: How to Move On When You’re Feeling Conflicted

Do you recall how it feels when life pulls you in opposite directions, but you’re not ready to choose which way to turn? …

Erase Self-Limiting Beliefs
Editor's Picks

Want to Build Confidence? Start by Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

I have always thought of confidence as a personality trait. Something that you are born with or without. But today, I realized that …

Get out of your comfort zone regularly
Editor's Picks

How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone and Discover Your Passion

Everybody knows that stepping out of their comfort zone can bring boatloads of positive change into their life. I am sure you can …


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